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Radical Fashion Exercises


This copious collection of bottom-up activities, prompts and workshops designed by contributors from all around the globe explores fashion in an expanded context. Designers, curators, artists, educators, fashion practitioners, DIY home sewers, students and other creatives responded to the book’s open call with contributions that challenge how to practice fashion and reflect on its systems, politics and economics. The exercises collected in this book embrace interdisciplinarity, experimentation and aesthetics, and widen fashion’s horizons as a medium for expression, embodiment and sociality. They are gathered under the following themes: Imagining and Dreaming; Going Outside; Using the Body; Working Together; Reading and Writing; Making, Finding, Tracing; Re-viewing Images; Digging Deep; and Sourcing and Re-sourcing.
Radical Fashion Exercises assembles methods for learning and practicing fashion in meaningful, radical and responsible ways. The book is an inspiring tool for design students, designers, writers and practitioners of diverse disciplines to challenge fashion as a commodity and polluting structure in these times of uncertainty and upheaval.

Paperback, 6 x 8.5 in. / 304 pgs / 150 bw.